Kitty Lambda Games Proudly Presents
The Real Texas - Part 2, Part 1 - Cellpop Goes Out At Night

July 13, 2016.

Cellpop Goes Out At Night is an all-new mini-sequel to the action RPG The Real Texas, originally released in 2012.

It's an adventure RPG featuring Cellpop, a small floating-eye-like alien girl who lives at a shopping mall, Kad, out on the Barlic Wastes, on the Planet of the Friendeyes.

Two years ago, communications were suddenly cut off from Kad and the rest of the planet, and the train that connects the Barlic Wastes to The City stopped running.

Since then, you've grown up a bit. Everyone is still trying to go about their daily business but without any customers or outside contact, things at Kad are a bit wierd. Some Friendeyes have even gone missing! But don't worry-- everything will be OK now that Mom built the wall. So just play with your best friend, Sokpop, do your chores, and try to be helpful to the adults.

Sooner or later things will get back to normal! They always do.

Release Info

The Real Texas - Part 2, Part 1 - Cellpop Goes Out At Night is OUT NOW on Steam, GOG, and and available through the Humble widget at

It's being released as DLC for The Real Texas, as part of the Dusty Skies Edition, on sale for 40% off.

Customers who previously purchased The Real Texas not as part of a PWYW bundle will get Cellpop Goes Out At Night for free in their inbox, soon.

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About Cellpop Goes Out At Night

"Mom says: Friendeyes don't look sideways, so we don't worry overmuch..."

Two years ago the comms were cut to Kad, the shopping mall you grew up at. That's when the trains stopped running, too; nobody's heard anything from The City since then, and there haven't been any visitors either.

But it's ok-- sooner or later things will get back to normal. And Mom and Melia built a fence to keep everyone safe too, so now no-one else should disappear, too.

Remember To:

  • Have fun playing with Sokpop, your best friend.
  • Stay out of trouble.
  • Listen to your Mom.
  • Try to avoid Jorny, your older brother, who is SUCH a pain.
  • Be home in time for bed, and don't go out past the fence, OK?

Cellpop Goes Out At Night is The Real Texas - Part 2, Part 1.

Featuring all new music by yesso, a new world to explore, the freshest vibe to feel, and new thoughts to think about.

About Kitty Lambda Games

Kitty Lambda Games is me, Calvin French. Both The Real Texas and Cellpop Goes Out At Night were made mostly just by myself. I live in Calgary, Alberta and make games full-time.

For the past few years I've been working on a large-scale action RPG, Paradise Never (release date TBA) which is being published by Devolver Digital.

Cellpop Goes Out At Night was originally conceved in 2014 and I've been working on it part-time since then. This year, I took time off Paradise Never to finish up Cellpop and get it out on Steam, finally!