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"These days, folks have a lot of funny ideas about what makes a Real Cowboy..."
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Orbiting Line

"... an extremely well-written adventure through an incredibly quirky universe."

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System Requirements:
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or better CPU
  • 1GB RAM, 200MB hard disk space
  • NVIDIA, AMD RADEON, or Intel HD graphics (OpenGL 1.2)
OS Requirements:
  • Windows XP SP3 or better (Vista, 7, 8)
  • Mac OS X 10.6 or better
  • Ubuntu 11.10 or better

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"... I can't help but want to pitch it to every gamer in the world."

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Welcome to Strange, Texas

The Real Texas is an action adventure game that plays like a mashup of Zelda: Link to the Past and Ultima VI.

Sam, an ordinary Texas rancher, is on holiday in England when he steps through a blue portal and into a purgatory dimension, Strange:

Here, a friendly witch is handing out guns to visitors. A crazed, German-speaking wizard hurls elecbolts from his castle. And upriver, something's going on that involves a lot of chickens.

Stuck in the middle sits Sam, a Real Cowboy.

... But that's just his job title back home-- it's not obvious that it's of any practical help here!

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"... there are few modern games that are so uniquely engrossing."

"Easy-going RPG that'll charm your pants off."


Explore Strange, Texas: a Kafka-esque parody stuck halfway between modern-day America and olden-days, RPG England
Kill things with six types of classic cowboy and fantasy weapons
Rummage through peoples' houses without fear of retribution while they go about their daily business
"... The Real Texas is a charming and joyous mixture of ye olde and yee-haw."

Help people out with their PROBLEMS (*rolls eyes*) often by shooting your gun many, many times-- just like real life!
Many special items and powerups, optional areas, and two types of chicken cutlets to collect
Wear a bullet-proof vest underneath a sequined evening-gown if you want
"... expertly straddle[s] the line between absurd humour and touching poignancy."

Supports all main game/life perlis including boss battles, enemies, traps, the estate tax
Underwear optional (default: ON)
Find secret treasure. Who was Bunnybeard? Why has he hidden gold dubloons everywhere? Is he just messing with you?
"Game looks cheesy taste quite a fine." (Google Translated)

Buy and sell things from bullet-proof shopkeepers
Explore sprawling, interconnected dungeons filled with situations that are slightly off
Hoarding fully supported: put things into boxes, drop them on the floor, and they stay there forever for you to obsess over later!
"Creating our proprietary Metascores is a complicated process."

Aliens-- just like real life!
How did Strange come to be? Will you put things right? Or be stuck here in this purgatory dimension... forever! (*orchestra*)
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Technical Requirements and F.A.Q.

You need a keyboard + mouse

The Real Texas absolutely requires a keyboard and a mouse. I love gamepads, but they just don't work with the control scheme. A trackpad might be possible if you are really good with it, but might be too challenging in places. 1-button mice will work just great, though! =)

System requirements are moderate

The Real Texas requires at bare minimum a Pentium 4 with OpenGL 1.2 graphics. This means almost any reasonably modern computer will run it, including those with only onboard graphics (whether they are Intel, NVidia, or ATi/AMD.)

On some computers, you may need to turn off shadows to get the game to run smoothly. You don't need a gaming laptop, but it probably will not play acceptably on a netbook.

Recommended Specs
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or better CPU
  • 1GB RAM
  • NVIDIA or AMD RADEON graphics
  • 200MB hard disk space
  • For Linux, please make sure your graphics drivers support OpenGL 1.2 (GeForce, Radeon, and Intel HD should all work.)
Note for Linux Users: Right now, only a i386 (32bit) package is available. A 64 bit package is planned as well as a .tar.gz package for non-debian-based distros. If you run 64 bit Linux, you may want to hold off purchasing although it is possible to get the game to run.

What is the game like? Is it more exploration or more shooting?

It's a pretty even balance between exploration/problem solving, and shooting/dungeons. There are no standard fetch quests or the like but the NPCs in the game all play a part in the unfolding of the story. You can open drawers or other furniture in peoples' houses, search things, store your items wherever you like or drop them on the ground-- a full inventory system.

You can interact with most objects, whether they do something or not, and NPCs have conversation trees as well as a day-and-night cycle. The game itself takes place in a fairly "local" area, so exploration is more focused on gradually unlocking new places or connecting them together rather than travelling to whole other towns. There's only one town in the game but it's really detailed.

There is also a keyword system, which is used for trying out secret actions you might have thought of, or mentioning certain key phrases to NPCs. It's definitely not a text adventure game where you have to type very often, but it's super fun to figure out a secret topic to mention to somebody, and hear what they have to say. Typing in keywords is a comparatively minor part of the game, though.

How do the shooty parts play?

It's something of a new mechanic; at least I'm not aware of any games that work exaclty the same way. Check out some of the other gameplay videos to get a sense for this (more coming soon, too.)

Trailer #1

Gameplay Quickie #1

The core idea is that you aim with the mouse, and walk with WASD (or JIKL if you are left-handed.)

You can't move and aim at the same time, and there isn't rapid fire per se. Instead, you press SPACEBAR (or the right mouse button) to draw your gun, and then the left mouse button to shoot.

Rather than base gameplay around stats (e.g., hit points) you have to manouevre strategically to avoid being shot or have other damaging effects placed on you. Most effects are short-lived but fairly severe, so it can be frantic to try and recover. Most enemies do not have simple attacks, but combine different effects to make your life difficult. Now, there's nothing wrong with stats such as hit points, damage modifiers, etc.; it's just that The Real Texas is more focused on novel mechanics than on stats.

There are a handful of weapons which all work very differently. Likewise there are lots of helpful items with very different effects. Because some of the effects you encounter are so severe, these items can make a huge difference depending on the situation. But I'm not going to spoil anything here.

The mechanics are genuinely pretty novel and I hope you will enjoy it!

Are there bosses/dungeons?

Yes and yes. The game is an action RPG and can be pretty challenging in places.

Remember there are no hit points in the game. Think about what the implications are here for boss battles. Every boss is highly unique; I'm not saying one hit kills every boss, but they all work quite differently to one another. I worked really hard to make the boss-encounters unique.

Is there a Greenlight page?

Yes! Thank you =) Please do drop me a vote on Greenlight, in case you want to help me out. Every little bit helps, I think.

Steam Greenlight this mess yo! TY :)

More questions?

Please head on over to the forums! =)
* There is actually no catch :) The OST is free, basically even open source, because yesso is awesome!

The Real Texas is (c) 2009-2012 Kitty Lambda Games Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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